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From: JayKendra (TheNappyGoddess)


On April 14th, 2018 Beyonce created history by being the first black woman to headline Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival. But, boooooooy did  Beyonce snatched my braids, replace em and snatch em again. Beyonce had me thinking this was maybe her last performance, she pulled out all the stops. The HBCU theme, Destiny’s Child mini-reunion, Jay-Z, Les Twins and her dance-off with Solange. I was in love times infinity (If that makes sense).

All of this week I’ve been seeing a ton load of pettiness between Nicki and Cardi and I was ready for something new on social media and this was it.

The Theme

I believe the theme was the highlight of the entire performance. Beyonce decided to pay homage to HBCU’s by implementing marching band, majorettes and stepping exhibition throughout her entire performance. Right through the show, we see Beyonce altering into different outfits which represent black excellence at an all-time high.

The Opening

The performance began with a female executing a drum solo piece with fierce confidence pouring through her emotions. In true Coming To America meets Drumline fashion the band members spun apart while showing off their sassy dance moves to present the Queen-Queen Bey, that is. Donned a metallic cape with an emblem of Queen Nefertiti Beyonce spun around in a metallic diamond encrusted leotard and a Nefertiti bust sitting proudly on her head, Beyonce strutted to the beat on the stage, regalness illuminating from within her as the sweet sound of the band swayed the crowd and the viewers.

After another solo piece from the dancers and the band, Beyonce now surface from the riser wearing a yellow crop sweater, with the pink emblem “BΛK”, jeans shorts and boots, singing you guessed it, Crazy In Love.


I don’t know if it was just me, but I caught the band mixing in Juvenille’s Back That Ass Up with the Crazy In Love performance and I was here for every minute of it.

If you note, the dancer’s outfit consisted of a Nefertiti jumpsuit which co-ordinated with Beyonce’s Nefertiti outfit,  the dancers also added hints of Black Panther movement in their outfit (sunglasses & hat), which screams black history.



The marching band introduced us with an instrumental for Deja Vu and of course, Jigga man himself graced his presence on the stage with his verse. However, their short time together onstage had me yearning for more. The top Beyonce wore in this performance had an emblem consisting of Nefertiti, Black Panther, A Black Fist and The Queen Bee, these four highlighting Royalty, Strength and Power, everything black people are.


Destiny’s Child

This was my all time favourite part of the show, nothing can top Destiny’s Child. The band introduced DC with the instrumental for Girl, and here comes Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland queening their way on stage with the hit song Lose My Breath. They then transitioned to an alluring harmonization of Say My Name that gave me goosebumps. It then got “gully” when they change over to Soldier. The chemistry they shared on stage was still the same as if nothing has changed and I loved that.


Solo and Bey 

During the dance break down of Get Me Bodied Beyonce introduced Solange on stage and they naturally went in sync with the rhythmic choreography of the song. Their interaction with each other is always organic and fun.



Bey’s Outfit Changes for the Night 

Honourable Mentions

  • The ballet performance between Drunk In Love was beautiful, Beyonce stepped exactly out of the box for this one and the transition from Drunk In Love to Swag Surfin’ was immaculately done.
  • DJ’s Khaled New Name Alert, Beychella
  • I loved the performance the BugaBoo’s who sound off from Beyonce’s songs and their solo step which transitioned into Les Twins solo. Perfection!
  • Partition/Yonce Piece
  • Loooove loove Les Twins in Mi Gente performance
  • And of course, Baby Boy, shout out to Jamaica
  • I enjoyed the band playing Ego

Other Images

Overall Performance



If you haven’t seen the performance do yourself a favour and click the link below.

The Beychella Experience







Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy Debut Album


Why am I writing a review about this album?

Because its well deserved and damn, I love the girl. Cardi won our hearts with her fast talking slick mouth on Love and Hip Hop New York and her ratchetly hilarious yet honest Instagram videos. She erupted a force in Hip Hop with her record-shattering hit Bodak Yellow which is also featured on her new album. Bodak Yellow has created history for Cardi, ranking her as the highest chart-topping female rapper since Lauryn Hill.

Cardi B’s most anticipated debut album Invasion of Privacy was released on April 6th, 2018. It didn’t take me long to figure out if I was in love with the album, it was like love at first sight or in this case, love at first listen.

No, I didn’t have to listen to it three or four times to see if I loved it and no I didn’t have to skip a track

I was a bit skeptical at first when she released Be Careful,  only because it was so different from what I’m used to from her, speaking from my experience with Gansta Bitch Vol II, I wanted Gansta Bitch Cardi for this album.

Cardi, girl, you came thru!!!

But with tracks such as Be Careful, Ring ft Kehlani & Thru Your Phone we see a more sensitive side of Cardi.

I started the album with I Do ft SZA, very ecstatic that she featured SZA, and right there and then I had to hear more. I spent most of my work hours bobbing to this album while carrying out my daily tasks of course.


Artists featured on this album includes SZA, Kehlani, YG, 21 Savage, Migos, J Balvin and Chance The Rapper. All great collaborations, the perfect mixture of street yet sweet 🙂

How To Describe This Album?

  • Witty
  • Honest Imagery Lyrics
  • Gangsta
  • Female Empowering
  • Very Cardi-esque

Here are some potential chart toppers and Instagram lines from  Invasion of Privacy

I Do  ft SZA

  • Pussy so good, I say my own name during sex
  • My little 15 minutes lasted long as hell
  • I’m a gangsta in a dress, I’m a bully in the bed. Only time that I’m a lady’s when I lay these hoes to rest.

Money Bag

  • These bitches salty, they sodium, they jelly, petroleum
  • Always talkin’ in the background, don’t never come to the podium
  • How you gon’ suck yo’ man dick with my name in yo’ mouth?

Best Life ft Cardi B (FAVE)

  • I was in the field, man, I slaved for this
    Had to talk to God, dropped down, and prayed for this
    To my surprise, He replied, said, “You made for this”
  • Turn all my L’s into lessoooons-Chance The Rapper


  • Shorty said it’s all hers, why her thighs don’t match?
  • I’m his favorite type of chick
    Boujee, bad, and thick
    I could buy designer, but this Fashion Nova fit.



Cardi, you did that and I’m proud of you!!!! <3 <3 <3


As I Am Long & Luxe

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Presenting the As I Am Long and Luxe Line

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve always been a fan of As I Am products especially their Coconut Co-wash and honestly I didn’t think they would be able to outdo themselves, however, I’ve bitten my word with their latest Long and Luxe line. This is a protein-based line created to strengthen and hydrate our tresses. I’ve incorporated this line in my protein moisture balance hair routine and so far so good.

I’ve  purchased three items from this collection

  • The Long and Luxe Pomegranate and Passion Fruit Strengthening and Hydrating Conditioner
  • The Long and Luxe Pomegranate and Passion Fruit Strengthening Shampoo
  • The Long and Luxe Pomegranate and Passion Fruit GroWash Cleansing Creme Conditioner

As you can tell the main ingredients in this product line are Pomegranate and Passion Fruits.

Research shows that pomegranate strengthens and protect your hair follicles from and improve the blood flow in the scalp. It also prevents frizz and adds a shine booster to your hair. Meanwhile, passion fruit contains high vitamin c which creates collagen, what the collagen does is protects the hair from splitting or breaking.

Another strong ingredient which is found in most of these products are the Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein, this is hydrolyzed protein from the seeds of the lupine plant. What the lupine does is help the development of the hair structure, it makes the hair strong and thick.

Watch your water usage by turning offfaucets when not in use, taking shorter showers, and avoiding unnecessary water consumption.

If you’re looking for a protein free products, I repeat this is not the line for you, I repeat, not for you.

So based on these ingredients As I Am is winning with this line. They talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?


I am in love with the rich fruity smell these products have, it might be overbearing for some people, however, it opens up my senses when using these products.


The Long and Luxe Shampoo: It has the typical creamy consistency most shampoo contains. This has become one of my favourite shampoo because it does what it says it’ll do, strengthen and hydrate.  After using this product my scalp is spotless and my hair is moisturized, it doesn’t give me the drying feel after using the typical shampoo and I’m often time not tempted to use a deep conditioner. After 5 uses I noticed my hair has felt stronger and dare I say it, thicker. Yes, I think maybe just maybe this is a competition for Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo with Apple Cider Vinegar.


The Long and Luxe Conditioner: This is indeed a good conditioner, however, it did not wow me like the shampoo does, it has a very creamy consistency and the same fruity smell like the shampoo.  It is a good detangler though and moisturizing as well, however, I did not experience significant changes like the shampoo gave me.


The Long and Luxe GroWash: I think this is a winner, if you’ve enjoyed the As I Am Coconut Co-Wash then you are definitely in for a treat with the GroWash. Two words to describe this product- intense moisture, even after washing out this product my hair was noticeably shiny.  Also, a little goes a long way, so you don’t have to worry about wasting the product or your coins. I also loved the fact that the rich smell lingered in my hair for a while.

Oh yeah they walking alright

In conclusion, I have been growing out my hair from out of it’s tapered cut, I’m aiming for the ultimate high fro type thing. I’m glad I picked these products up and I’m happy I’m starting to see changes in my hair.  I would definitely repurchase them.

Thank You, As I Am




WACO Wearable Art Gala

On Saturday, March 17th, 2018 WACO presented the 2nd annual Wearable Art Gala hosted by Tina-Knowles Lawson and Richard Lawson, a tribute to provide teen mentorship programs and a place where individuals are free to express themselves through Art and Theatre. The theme this year was……

Yes! You guessed it, Black Panther, WACO to Wakanda to be exact,  very creative by the way, and sponsored by Shea Moisture.

What a time to be black right?

The stars of the night were Beyonce and Blue Ivy, the dynamic duo who were donned in gold encrusted avant-garde gowns. Beyonce custom design gown was inspired by an ancient Nubian warrior queen designed by Indian fashion house Falguni Shane Peacock. It consisted of a gold metallic cutout with a gold deep ruffled trail. Blue Ivy was garbed in the replica accessorized with a gold helmet-like hat.


According to Vanity Fair, the climax of the night was the bidding war carried out by young Blue Ivy. It started with her bidding $17,000 on a sculpture of young Sidney Poitier, Blue then raised the stakes to $19,000, Jay-Z then playfully took the paddle from his daughter. Tyler Perry later went home with the portrait, but that did not deter Blue.

Oh No, Blue was like I gotta get something from this auction.

Blue then bid $10,000 on a 36” x 36” piece of art composed of deconstructed law books from Indiana and medical books from California, created by artist Samuel Levi Jones.


Also, the wearable art Gala honoured Jay-Z’s mom, Gloria Carter, with the Everyday People Award. Carter co-founded the Shawn Carter Foundation with the aim to aid individuals to attend college by providing scholarships and mentoring. An elated Jay-Z took the stage and paid accolades to his mother. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama, the former first lady also made a tribute to Beyonce for her humanitarian work especially helping the people in her hometown of Houston recover from the devastating hurricane last August.

See images below of the event:




Boss Lady JA Presents: Design Your Life Vision Board Workshop

The idea is to get a literal board and paste images of what you want to be and do in life.

Sounds simple enough right?

BossLadyJA is an organization created by Romae Kirton with the aim of advising, inspiring and motivating women. On Thursday, March 8th, 2018 BossLadyJA had their first event, The Design your Life Workshop featuring Caleen Diedrick a transformational life coach.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the workshop, one thing that stood out to me was the fact that it had a life coach. So in my head, I’m like yes! Somebody finally here to tell me how to get my sh!t together!

I’m here for that!!!

And that’s exactly what she did, Caleen showed us a creative way on how exactly we need to get our shit together. Oh, and when I say shit I meant life

She started out with a couple of exercises to loosen us up, get us relaxed and out of our heads. She then discussed our thought processes, the things we think about and put out in the Universe, using a very popular example, our thoughts when it comes to men. Now, we all know the popular phrase coined by a woman “niggas ain’t shit” or “men are trash”

Since our first heartbreak, we have lodged that into our thoughts and it has haunted us when we try to start over in a new relationship. What Caleen believes is our thoughts are what’s manifesting these “ain’t shit” men, we are conjuring them, we bring negativity in our lives.
So what to do?

Change those thoughts, which brings me back to this vision board, we have a ton load of stuff in our heads which we want to accomplish and get done, what the vision board does is allow us to declutter in a sense, lay it out on the board.

And when we’re done creating that board we mount it in a space where it will not be forgotten.



She asked us to come up with a mantra and put it on the board where we would be able to see it.  My mantra was You Already Have all the Equipment You Need to Succeed. The reason why I chose this because I believe God places us in different phases in our life to get us ready, to get us equipped for our success. Hence, we would have already had what we need to carry out our goals to succeed.  On the board, I placed columns in the background to represent my writing skills. I’ve always believed writing is my talent, it has always been a tool I wanted to use to pursue my goals. Growing up I’ve never been an outspoken person, however, I’ve always used writing as a source to express my self so I believe it has become a part of my life. Then on the left-hand side, there’s Ryerson University, a school in Canada I plan on attending to pursue my master’s degree someday,  I then want to go after a career in Marketing or Public Relations. Then, there’s my blog The Nappy Goddess, the plan is to invest my coins, talent, and energy to see my new found love blossom and become a trademark in my life.


I want The Nappy Goddess to grow into a platform for women who are seeking confidence and inspiration to view it as home. The Magic of Confidence, this is a book I’ve written in my final year of University, my goal is to get this book copyrighted and published, in the future I would love to get more book published.

On the board, I’ve also placed pictures of family, I’ve dreamt of the happy nuclear white picket fence family growing up, however I too have used the men are trash phrase on more than one occasion, because of that it has left my picture perfect future family blighted, however, I took Caleen’s advice, I will be eradicating the negative and only enforcing the positive so this is what my perfect family looks like. I want a man who makes me happy like how actress Robinne Lee looks in that picture, a man who looks at me like her husband does, a man who is playful with his kids and the family who is comfortable in our own skin. Also, I want adventure before I leave this earth, I want to travel to Africa most importantly, to explore Ghana, Nigeria, Cape Town, Johannesburg etc.

I want to inspire women while achieving my dreams and I believe these goals will make me happy and fulfilled.

I figure more or less it will not be easy to get these done and yes I will be faced with milestones but I believe at least with this vision board I now know what I want and what is important to me.

Here are some images from the workshop


BossLadyJA, I look forward to the next workshop.

Thank You!!!

ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood: A Salute to Trailblazers at the Oscars.

ESSENCE has become a breath of fresh air for black women, a beacon of hope. However, ESSENCE is not only a black magazine, it has provided a platform for black women to spread their wings and soar. A home created for black women to feel welcome especially when Hollywood has shut the door on them.

Thank You, Essence.

The 11th Annual ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Awards occurred on Thursday, March 1st, 2018.  This year ESSENCE honoured four amazing well-deserved black women in Hollywood.

  • Emmy-award winning writer/actress Lena Waithe

Lena Waithe is known for her Netflix series Master of None which she won an Emmy for in the category of Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in 2017. She’s the mastermind behind the Showtime series The Chi.

  • Actress/Award-winning playwright Danai Gurira

Danai Gurira is identified by her breakthrough role as Okoye in Black Panther, Okoye is the general for the Dora Milaje, who are femme warriors of Wakanda. She’s also a fierce protector and friend of T’Challa (Black Panther) the King of Wakanda.

  • Actress/Activist Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson is known for her role in Tina Mabry’s  Mississippi Dammed, she has play Nyla Adrose in For Colored Girls a civil rights activists in Selma and one of my personal fave, the Sundance winner film Dear White People.

  • Comedienne/Award winning Actress Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish has dazzled her way into our hearts in her breakthrough role as Dina in Girl’s Trip. She has won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for Girl’s Trip.

These four women have paid their dues to Hollywood and now reaping the rewards.

What I especially loved about this ceremony was the acceptance speeches. They oozed personality and charisma, I relished in the anecdotes they gave and how it shaped their lives.

Please see below images featuring the honorees:


Quotes which stood out to me from each honoree:

Tessa Thompson

“Being the fullest expression of yourself is an act of bravery”

“Any conversation about gender equality that does not mention the intersection of race is not the truth”

Lena Waithe

“If I was busy hiding I wouldn’t have time be the first black woman to win an Emmy for outstanding writing on a comedy series”

“If I was still hiding I would be a shell of a human being there would be a vacant look in my eyes and a melancholy in my spirit”


Danai Gurira

“Sisters are the vibranium to the others,”

“Take that little girl’s face in your hands, look her deep in the eye with appreciation and tell her that she’s beautiful, tell her of her greatness. She needs you too, her 40-year-old self will thank you for it”

Tiffany Haddish

“Cause I heard if you talk about cars enough, somebody might give you one for free”(speaking something into being)

“I’m not the most eloquent speaker but I speak from the heart”

“No matter where I go in the world, everybody the same we all got problems, we all want to be loved and we all want to be happy, I just wish that every person in here is full of happiness, I curse you with happiness”







Birthday Resolutions

I will be further transforming into a beautiful twenty-four-year goddess on February 24, to be exact. However, for the 24th I’ve decided to make some resolutions to shake up my life in a good way, of course, a resolution which I believe will help further alter me into the woman I want to become.

  1. To Build A Closer Relationship With God: Though God is no stranger in my life and I’ve seen him work out my obstacles time and time again, I still want him to be centre stage in my life, I want him to become my everything and then some. I want to strengthen my faith, I want to be strong enough to let go of all my anxiety  knowing that God has me every step of the way, I’ve gotten better at it but there’s room for improvement
  2. A Monthly Cleanse: As I get older I am a lot more concern with my health, I believe if I can find a way to renew my body through eating clean and exercising then I must before it’s too late or pills and medication becomes apart of my diet. By the way, this isn’t my aim to lose weight because I have no desire to do so, the aim is to get in shape and maintain my current weight.
  3. Increasing My Reading Habit: Growing up I was an avid reader, keyword, was, I think maybe it was about University I fell off, I didn’t read as much before. I learnt firsthand how reading not only strengthens my grammar and builds my vocabulary but it also sharpens my creativity. However, I also felt the backlash of slowing down my reading. It was during the time I did my intern, my job was to send some emails out to guests for an event, my teacher/supervisor is a stickler for grammar, blindly I kept using have and has the wrong way. Yes, I know that’s embarrassing. However, she set me straight then told me I need to read more. That sunk in because all my life I’ve known as the girl who loves to read. But life hits you fast and soon you trade the books for Netflix…
  4. Experimenting With My Looks: No, I will not be processing my hair, NEVER! However, I plan on growing my hair out to a full Afro, while this growth is processing I want to experiment with various hairstyles through the use of wigs. Short ones, curly ones, bone straight etc throw in a few braids and crochet when I feel like it. Naturally, I will still be trying my best to take care of my real hair underneath(& updating you guys while doing so) throughout this task.
  5. Shun Negativity: This one is easier said than done, we’ve all engaged in gossip and listen as women tear each other apart or maybe hate for no reason. This has to stop, because not only are we tarnishing someone else’s reputation we’re actually destroying ours in the process, most of the negative comments we state about others is a reflection of our own insecurity and shortcomings, that’s my belief at least. No, I can’t change every female but I believe the change needs to start with myself.
  6. Improving My Cooking Skills: I usually plead the fifth when this convo arise, no I am not a damsel in distress in the kitchen, but I am no Chef Boyardee. I seriously want to step up my cooking and baking skills. Instead of just boiling I want to saute. My aim is to create scrumptious yet nutritious meals and desserts that are concurrent with my monthly cleanse
  7. To Publish My Book: The Magic of Confidence is an illustrative novel written by yours truly and illustrated by Errol Keane. I created this book for my final year media project, one of my hardest and most meaningful work since enrolling in my Bachelor’s programme. I’ve always wanted to publish a book, I have confidence in my story writing skills I believe that is my talent and I want my work to be out there on bookshelves.

Creme Of Nature® Moisture-Rich Hair Color With Shea Butter Conditioner

I have been sweeping the streets searching for this product since I saw Kaice Alea YouTube video, and by streets, I mean the beauty shelves.


After a dye disaster I had two years ago, I promised myself I would never ever dye my hair by myself again, even if its a box dye, fast forward to now my hair is now bleached  blonde (done by a professional, of course), I rocked that style for 5 months in a tapered cut.

I’ve currently made a resolution that I will be going back to black, (since it’s easier to handle) grow my hair and experiment with my looks (through protective styling of course,).

I was introduced to Creme Of Nature® Moisture-Rich Hair Color With Shea Butter Conditioner through Kaice, one thing that stood out for me was the fact that it was…*drumroll*


Yes, this dye is ammonia free and another thing which sold me was the fact that it contains Shea butter and the colours are so vibrant.

I had to get it. I picked the colour Jet Black, however, I soon got nervous, since my hair was blonde I knew it would be a tackle to get that true black I wanted.

I wanted it deep, dark and soulless.

Well, here goes nothing.

The packaging is a standard box dye packing with a pretty melanin infused girl on the front with beautiful curly hair which I believe is colored jet black hair. Inside was the creme developer, ammonia-free colourant, gloves, the instructions and Creme of Nature Mango and Shea Butter Conditioner.

As the instructions stated I part my hair in four sections and clip them. With my gloves on I snip off the top of the developer, then took off the cork and pour the ammonia-free colorant inside the developer, I then shake vigorously, when my arms got tired I went to work. I part my hair and applied the dyed until all my strands are coated with the product, I comb through my hair making sure the dye is evenly distributed. I then wait 25 minutes like the package instructed.

Times Up!

I used some warm water and massaged it into my hair, I then used my Isoplus Neutralizing Shampoo and worked it into my hair. I then proceed to rinse it out until the water dripping from my hair turns clean. I then apply the Creme of Nature Mango and Shea Butter Conditioner and kept in there for an about 5 minutes.


Let me start with the colour, remember I wanted deep, dark and soulless? Well, that’s exactly what I got and more. I am in love with this black, it’s very rich and my hair so shiny which is another thing I wanted.

Yes, it does leave my hair moisturized and soft to the touch, I am a very very very happy camper. I believe this is now my new go-to dye.


Easily, 10/10. It would be unfair to grade them anything lower than that. The ingredients are all natural, it does moisturize my hair like it states, it’s ammonia-free, and the color is amazing.

What else can I ask for?